Glenala State High School’s First-Ever Gladiator Colour Run at Inala Breaks Mental Health Stigma

The first-ever Gladiator Colour Run by Inala’s Glenala State High School happened on 10 October 2019, in an effort to break the stigma that surrounds discussion of mental health issues.

In celebration of Queensland’s Mental Health Week, school-based officer Senior Constable Paul Emr obtained grant and support from Glenala State High School, Heritage Bank Forest Lake, IYS – Inala Youth Service and Headspace Inala, to organise and offer a colour run event and other free Mental Health Week activities for students and staff.

At the colour run, the kids got to enjoy the chance to lather the police car in colour, whilst Senior Constable Emr participated alongside them.

Senior Constable Emr
Senior Constable Emr
Photo credit: Glenala State High School/ Facebook

With such great reviews from both staff and students, it is hoped that the Gladiator Colour Run will turn into a yearly activity at Glenala State High School.

Breaking Stigma Around Mental Health Issues

The day’s events were focused on highlighting staff and students’ mental health and wellbeing. The program started off with a special presentation from guest speaker Alistair Mitchell from LIVIN.

Alistair Mitchell
Photo credit: Glenala State High School/ Facebook

Alistair shared his personal experiences with the students of Glenala State High School to help them feel empowered in recognising and talking about their mental health. 

Together with his team at LIVIN, Alistair expounded on breaking the stigma that surrounds different mental health issues today. The program’s slogan of “it ain’t weak to speak” resonated well with the students.

The program was followed by the much-awaited Glanala Gladiators Colour Run. A total number of 250 staff and students participated actively on this event. There was a high level of involvement and the colour was flying fast.

Gladiator Colour Run
Photo credit: Glenala State High School/ Facebook

The Gladiator Colour Run ended with a free BBQ for all. It was indeed an amazing afternoon filled with fun and laughter by both students and staff of the Glenala State High School.