Sophya Hem from Inala Champions Volunteering During National Volunteer Week

Sophya Hem, a Cambodian immigrant, was a student at TAFE Queensland‘s Adult Migrant English Programme. She now dedicates her time to helping other migrant and refugee women navigate their new lives in Australia.

As a former student of TAFE Queensland‘s Adult Migrant English Programme (AMEP), she now dedicates her time to helping other migrant and refugee women navigate their new lives in Australia.

A Helping Hand from TAFE Queensland

TAFE Queensland's Volunteer Tutor Scheme
Photo Credit: Tafe Queensland

TAFE Queensland’s Volunteer Tutor Scheme (VTS), a part of the Australian Government-funded AMEP, plays a crucial role in this endeavour. For over 75 years, the AMEP has been instrumental in assisting over 2 million migrants and humanitarian entrants in improving their English language skills and integrating into Australian society.

Amani Gilpin, a Volunteer Tutor Coordinator at TAFE Queensland, explains that the VTS pairs volunteers with AMEP students, offering flexible learning opportunities that fit into their busy lives.

Sophya Hem: From AMEP Student to Volunteer Tutor

Tafe Queensland - Stronger Women, Stronger Communities" initiative
Photo Credit: Tafe Queensland

Sophya’s journey from AMEP student to volunteer tutor exemplifies the program’s impact. After immigrating from Cambodia in 2018, Sophya embarked on her Australian journey as an AMEP student at TAFE Queensland’s Inala campus. Now, she channels her personal experiences into supporting others.

Sophya’s most recent contribution is through the “Stronger Women, Stronger Communities” initiative. This innovative programme focuses on empowering female AMEP students by bolstering their self-confidence, independence, and career awareness.

The course covers English literacy, mental and physical wellbeing, digital skills, and career development, providing a holistic approach to personal and professional growth.

For Sophya, returning to TAFE Queensland as a tutor is a fulfilling experience. She recognises the challenges faced by newcomers and derives joy from guiding them through their unique journeys.

As National Volunteer Week reminds us, volunteers like Sophya Hem are the backbone of thriving communities, fostering understanding, resilience, and growth.

Published Date 21-May-2024