Smartphones for Smiles: Donate Your Used Smartphone at the Participating Puma Energy Location in Inala

If you have an old smartphone sitting idle in your drawer, you can give it a new meaningful purpose by donating it to “Smartphones for Smiles,” at the participating Puma Energy location in Inala, to help seriously ill children.

Starlight Children’s Foundation has partnered with Puma Energy, Frank Mobile, and Nova for the Smartphone for Smiles campaign which aims to collect around 1,000 used smartphones and raise over $39,000. Smartphones for Smiles is currently ongoing and will be up until 31 January.

Video Credit:Starlight Children’s Foundation / YouTube

How the Campaign Works

  • Retrieve your used smartphone for donation and remove any associated account locks. For your privacy, make sure that you remove all your personal account information and reset factory settings.
  • For information on how to reset your old smartphone, visit this Samsung webpage or Apple webpage.
  • Visit the nearest participating Puma Energy Service Station to drop off the used smartphone, and you just need to fill in some basic details at the counter.
  • Frank Mobile will then collect, and data wipe all donated devices to ensure complete data destruction.
  • At the end of the campaign, the value of all these donated phones will be reconciled and distributed to Starlight Children’s Foundation.

A total of 30 Puma Energy locations are now accepting donations including one at 322 Archerfield Road in Inala, 385 Sherwood Road in Rocklea, and 888 Beaudesert Road in Archerfiled.

For the rest of participating Puma Energy locations across South East Queensland, click here.

Donating your used smartphone is your chance to help bring a smile on the faces of children suffering from serious illness. Donate now and help spread the word.