Inala Wangarra’s Young Men’s Group: Nurturing Leaders, Shaping Futures

Inala Wangarra Inc., a prominent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to serving the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Inala, has unveiled an innovative initiative aimed at supporting young males aged 11-18.

The newly established young men’s group, which receives support from Inspire Youth and Family Services, aims to foster a strong sense of community and cultural identity while empowering participants to achieve self-determined goals.

Heading this transformative programme is Mitchell Harrison-Currie, a proud Mununjali, Gunggari, Bundjalung man, and Youth Bail Support Officer for Wangarra. With a deep commitment to guiding youth towards positive paths, Mitchell orchestrates weekly group meetings every Tuesday at 11:30 am, tailored to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of the attendees.

Photo Credit: Website/Banggara

“As a Youth Bail Support Officer, I’m dedicated to working with young people involved in the youth justice system or at risk of involvement,” Mitchell explains. “The young men’s group serves as a platform for them to explore various avenues for personal growth and development.”

Emphasising programme education, community engagement, health awareness, and cultural enrichment, the group sessions are designed to encompass holistic well-being. With an initial cohort of approximately ten enthusiastic participants, the programme has garnered praise from local schools like Hymba Yumba, which has witnessed the positive impact firsthand.

Excursions are an integral part of the programme, providing opportunities for hands-on learning and skill-building. Recent outings to Coorparoo Boxing Gym have allowed participants to acquire new skills while fostering camaraderie and resilience. Looking ahead, Mitchell envisions journeys to Beaudesert, offering participants a chance to connect with their Mununjali heritage and extended family.

Bob Smith, CEO of Wangarra, underscores the program’s collaborative approach, which integrates community organizations and elders into the sessions. “What sets this program apart is the involvement of various community members and elders,” Bob notes. “These relationships form the foundation for long-term support and mentorship, guiding participants on their journey towards adulthood.”

As participants progress and achieve their goals, a ceremonial transition awaits, marking their passage into the Yakka Malar – The Hard Work of Men – program, where they will have the opportunity to learn from respected elders and continue their personal growth journey.

For further details about the young men’s group and other programs offered by Inala Wangarra Inc., interested individuals are encouraged to contact 3372 2333 or email This initiative stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment, paving the way for a brighter future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youths in the community.