Developers Propose 24-Hour Drive-Through for Willawong

A development application has been lodged for a new food and drink outlet on the corner of King Avenue and Sherbrooke Road in Willawong.

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The proposal by Verve Building Design seeks to convert an existing shop tenancy into a 70 sqm food and drink outlet. An additional standalone 131 sqm food and drink building is also planned, complete with drive-through facilities.

The drive-through is designed with capacity for 15 cars on one side and 10 cars on the other. 

Plans (Photo credit: Verve Building Design)

To accommodate the new buildings and drive-through lanes, the site will be reconfigured. However, existing access to the surrounding road network will be maintained.

According to the planning report, the proposed design puts forward a modern, industry-leading vision for the quick service restaurant model. The building incorporates various contemporary design elements to create an aesthetically appealing and attractive structure and layout.

Photo credit: Verve Building Design

“Notably, the design provides a geometric form, utilising awnings and change in materials to provide visual interest and variation,” planning documents read.

The development will also deliver an extra 17 car parking spaces, bringing the total number to 48. Landscaping will make up 4.4 percent of the site.

Photo credit: Verve Building Design

The site previously received approval for an additional 28 parking spaces, which would have resulted in 59 total spaces across the development and service station site. The current change seeks to add 17 general spaces (including 1 disabled space), and three short-term bays, bringing the total number of parking spaces across the site and service station to 52.

It’s believed that the development will create employment opportunities and activate an underutilised corner site.

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The new outlet in Willawong is proposed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which aims to provide more late night food options in the area.

Published 30-October-2023