Taking Care of Forest Lake

Back in 2011, the lake was contaminated with blue and green algae. There were certain parts of the lake that smelled really bad. While it was treated swiftly, there was still a period of time when residents were advised not to get in the lake. They were also advised to be mindful of what goes into the lake.


Why is it important to keep the lake clean?


The lake is not only a major tourist attraction, it also serves as a source of food and shelter for several animals. It is crucial to keep the lake vibrant in order to preserve its ecosystem. If it gets contaminated again, then it could pose serious problems for the community, such as health risks and even loss of life.


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It would be devastating to experience that level of contamination again. It’s a good thing there are ways to prevent that from happening, namely:


  1. Coastal clean-upsPeople get careless with their rubbish and leave them near the water. If the trash isn’t disposed properly, they could leave behind some residue or even cause a negative reaction on the water. That’s why it is important not to leave the garbage behind.


    If people participate in coastal clean ups, not only will they keep the coastline clear, they also minimise the waste build-up. In addition, removing the garbage also makes the lake more habitable for the wildlife.


  2.   More trees and shrubs near the coastlineThe plants serve as a buffer against stormwater, harsh chemicals, and other residue. In a way, the plants are the first line of defence against impurities. They could also be an additional source of food or shelter for wildlife. You could say that plants make the lake more efficient.


    The good thing is there are a variety of plants that thrive being in or near the water. A few examples include cypress, water lily, primrose, and cardinal flower.



These are just some of the proactive approaches to preserving the man-made lake. But just as important as cleaning and planting is spreading awareness. Encouraging fellow residents to do their part is just as crucial so that more people could keep the lake clean and healthy.