Trailer Manufacturer MaxiTRANS Shuts Down Carole Park, Moves Ops to Victoria

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MaxiTRANS, a leading Australian trailer manufacturer, has announced it will be closing its manufacturing facility in Carole Park and consolidating all trailer production in Ballarat, Victoria.

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The company opened the 14,300 square metre Carole Park site only in 2021, but is now shuttering operations due to post-pandemic pressures, continual changes in the labour market, and rising operating costs.

MaxiTRANS, which has over 75 years of experience in the industry building high-end truck trailers, intends to expand manufacturing capabilities at its original Ballarat site.

Photo credit: MaxiTRANS Carole Park Manufacturing/Google Maps

“Ahead of the announcement, MaxiTRANS has been gearing up to support the growth and expansion of its manufacturing capability at the Ballarat site, where it will now produce the full range of Lusty EMS, Hamelex White and AZMEB products alongside Freighter and Maxi-CUBE,” said Greg L’Estrange, Executive Chairman of MaxiTRANS, in a statement.

Photo credit: MaxiTRANS Carole Park Manufacturing/Google Maps

Mr L’Estrange expressed sadness over the Carole Park closure but excitement for the company’s future as it focuses on centralising production in Ballarat.

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“While we are saddened by this decision, we are certainly excited for the long-term future of the business, as we forge ahead with our plans to expand the manufacturing capability at our Ballarat site and continue serving our customers and the transport industry,” he said.

MaxiTRANS also thanked the Carole Park employees for their efforts to boost site capabilities. 

“We take this opportunity to thank everyone within the Carole Park manufacturing facility for their total commitment and extensive efforts to try and boost the capability of the site, unfortunately this decision was needed so that our business remains here long into the future,” Mr L’Estrange said.

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The company said concentrating operations in Ballarat will ensure it will be well-positioned to continue delivering industry excellence and serving customers into the future.

Published 20-September-2023